The whitepapers in this section have been written in Dutch. Please let me know if you need an English translation for any of these whitepapers.

Claims state something about the composition and unique properties of a product. Claims are intended to entice you to choose specific products. Crafting the correct claims is complex as we are dealing with extensive European regulations. This whitepaper explains what the landscape of claims looks like and how your brand can stand out in this regard.

Read the NL white paper “Working with nutrition claims, what do you pay attention to?


Botanical claims have a distinct place in the European regulations on claims. Working with botanicals requires a bit more detail to ensure your consumer communication is done correctly. This white paper provides a brief overview of a unique situation; the botanicals on hold situation.

Read the white paper “Botanical claims – on hold situation”


There is a lot of talk about the Nutri-Score food choice logo. For the Netherlands, it has been decided that we will also see this logo on our products in the future. However, there is discussion about adjustments to the calculation logic of this logo. Should producers just wait for it to be introduced, or is it advisable to understand right now what exactly is coming our way?

Read the NL whitepaper “Nutri-Score in the Netherlands, what can we expect?


With Covid-19, there has been an increased focus on products that make claims of better immune function. This attention from consumers requires manufacturers to consider whether you should perhaps apply these types of claims to your products. In this whitepaper I will explain this topic, where I will mainly focus on claims for foods in the Dutch market.

Read the NL white paper “Claims about immunity, how would that work?