Independent advice for companies

I am Frans van der Sman, owner of Food Law Solutions. As a consultant I deliver solutions that score by adding real value for my clients in nutrition.

My expertise focuses mainly on nutrition and health claims, but also on food choice logos, product improvement and portfolio analyses.

As a person I am calm and reliable and like to work with professionals to make strong brands stronger.

Companies typically apply my expertise for a few hours, but also for interim projects like 6 months full time. Check out ‘Manier van werken’ in the menu, although Dutch, you will find a solution that will also help you. Feel free to ask for more detail.

Do you recognize this?

Your product has unique advantages and you want to reliably convey that to your consumer. You want claims that seduce, even though that is quite difficult because of the complex regulations. Not to mention the different ways different people may interpret your claims.

What you don’t want, is that your consumer, a consumer organization or perhaps even the NVWA accuses you of making misleading claims, because you have apparently crossed a line somewhere – without realizing it.

When does your claim cross the line from responsible seducing to misleading? How do you find that line, where is it? What I realize in my profession is that you want to consciously look for that boundary, how else can a product distinguish itself on the shelf?

Claims regulation is indeed tricky, but certainly not impossible. I can even show you that regulations can help you because it creates a fair and level playing field for every company in food and beverages. If you know the way, regulation is a good thing.

If you have any doubts about your claim, send it to me. I can often quickly indicate if there is any risk. A quick check is without costs. If it helps you, I’d love to!

Let us convey to consumers the benefits of nutrition in a responsible way.

My curriculum vitae.