What can Nutrition Scoring Solutions do?

Nutrient Profiles:

There are many Nutrient Profiles out there. Whether it is the UK traffic light label based on GDA’s or the NutriScore label in France. Perhaps you want to compare the Choices label with the Health Star Rating, let Nutrition Scoring Solutions help you get quick and reliable insights.

The first step is making sure you can easily get the labels of your interest calculated. Just submitting the nutrient values of your product and receive the labels of your interest in a simple tool. 

As a second step, perhaps your needs include having a large product basket scored against those different labels, or you are interested in the products that are close to the defined benchmarks. Perhaps you need deep insights of the differences between the Nutrient Profiles and how they result in differences in your product portfolio and you need to have those insights prepared in a full analysis business report, we will work together on delivering reliable materials for you to make relevant decisions.

At Unilever R&D I have been working in an extraordinary environment where nutritional projects are delivered in a highly professional manner. At Unilever I have been able to do different projects that allowed me to develop Nutrition Scoring Tools. While doing so, I have done deep dives into the different Nutrient Profiles out there and I was proud contributor of the Evolved Nutrition Label initiative in Europe. In all my work I have enjoyed the combination of automating thinking processes and nutrition.

This experience has made me strong in understanding the full detail in nutritional work, together with deep understanding of the different Nutrient Profiles. Also I have a natural tendency to translate profiles into an algorithm and I often see options to materialize that into a user friendly interface.

The combination of developing those types of tools and the analysis of large product portfolios is often a threshold for smaller parties to set up. I am very happy to assist.

Contact me through email to get more information. I am currently working on a NutriScore calculator, happy to share a demo.