I mainly built up my expertise at Unilever R&D, where I worked in various international and especially nutrition and regulatory roles. I am used to being able to switch quickly and work with my clients to further build strong brands based on credible communication to the consumer. I use my knowledge of the field of forces between marketing, science and regulations to be able to quickly assess risks, so that companies can proudly communicate about their products. I prefer to represent companies that are honest with themselves and their customers.

My curriculum vitae

What topics can I help on?


I prefer to work on the substantiation of claims and in particular nutrition and health claims. I have more than 10 years of experience with this and years of guest lectures on this subject at VU Amsterdam and Maastricht University. I know the European Claims Regulation EC 1924/2006 in detail and can apply that smoothly from practice so that you can make responsible claims that make clear what your product stands for.

I’m used to thinking in terms of risk assessments. This means that you call on me when unexpected problems with your claims arise and a claims dossier quickly needs to be available.

Better still, I avoid problems and we estimate in advance whether a claim might carry a risk. The chance that a claim is considered being misleading by the authorities is often small, but if such an accusation is made, the consequences can have significant impact. By having a good claim dossier in advance, you are perfectly prepared. In addition, this preparation also gives you the opportunity to make your claims even stronger and to further expand the concept.

If I can take a look at your claim for a strength/weakness analysis, feel free to call me. Claims is my favorite topic, so I can just do a quick scan of a claim without further obligations.

Food choice logos

A food choice logo has a simple but important purpose: it helps the consumer to make the healthier choice. There are many different food choice logos in the world.  In particular, the European discussion about the Nutri-Score food choice logo raises a lot of questions for companies. This logo has also been chosen in the Netherlands, but we are still waiting for important details.

Right now is the time to assess how Nutri-Score can work for your brand. I can help you quickly provide reliable insights into what a food choice logo can mean for products. The first step is to investigate together what the scores look like for your products and whether there may be ways to get a better logo with a (small) adjustment.

Invite me to give a Nutri-Score workshop at your location. That way you can bring your stakeholders in the organization to the right level of knowledge in one go to be able to make strategic decisions.

Portfolio analyses

Knowledge about a product portfolio is relevant to be able to continue to secure that important place on the supermarket shelf. How strong are your products in a nutritional sense? How does that compare to other choices on the shelf? Knowledge determines the right strategy and that starts with a good analysis.

More background: nice emails, customer experiences

“Working fully remote, Frans managed to create excellent relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. Frans brings a lot of valuable expertise in the Claims area, but also in Regulatory domains which are a bit outside his comfort zone, he manages to dive into these topics in an efficient, pragmatic and methodic way, always starting from the business needs.”

“I propose we plan a Telco on the short term, together with Frans van der Sman who is as Nutri-Score expert at the heart of the Nutri-Score developments from the perspective of the policy makers as well understanding the manufacturing and consumer side.”

“Thanks Frans, good to have this clear. With this kind of crucial information, I really wonder how claims have been made with us in the past.”

“Thank you for all your knowledge and thinking along on the structure/architecture of the claims. This brings us one step closer to our ambition.”

“Thank you for the workshop, you have a very calm voice and you convey the information very reliably. With the questions, I noticed that you first listen carefully and analyze. You felt our problem.”